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Clean up work centre – practical tips

Kitchen workspace areas

Kitchen is the very heart of many households. It’s not really surprising since kitchens are most often centred around all everyday activities that are happening there. Just think of such things as: food storage, preparation, cooking and cleaning. Finally, let’s not forget about actual eating and drinking, and socialising which also plays a huge part in life of every household. Kitchen is busy and bustling all the time. To keep such a busy space practical, functional and at the same time inviting to your many guests kitchen needs to be carefully organised and planned.

To do so effectively let’s think of kitchen workspace areas. Basically, kitchen workspace should be divided into three essential parts. First one should be centred around activities connected with food storing and food preparation. These are the very initial stages of cooking and need enough space to be performed. In this case of this space you should keep in mind that there are various kinds of food and storing methods.

Than, there actual cooking area. In this part of kitchen workspace you’re actually cooking. There should be place for cooker top or oven and any other cooking facilities you need. You should also keep in mind that there are various forms of cooking and each one is different and requires different things. Finally, think of your clean up work centre. Although, to many people it seems useless to devote much time and space to clean up work centre it’s a mistake. After all, cleaning is important if you’re thinking seriously of maintaining your kitchen in order.

Kitchen clean-up work centre

In case of kitchen clean up work centre it’s most important to devote enough space to this area. In practice, it means that your kitchen clean-up work centre should be centred around a sink. The sinks needs to be big enough to meet the needs of your kitchen. There’s no point in fitting nicely looking but small sink which will only hinder your way around. Clean up area needs to be practical and easy to navigate. After all, you don’t want to spend hours by the sink doing washing up and trying to find your balance in improperly designed clean-up work area.

Therefore, keep in mind to plan everything in advance. Planning is the key to effective use of space. It’s especially important in case of kitchen since it’s rather complicated area full of corners and nooks, which aren’t easy to accommodate. Clean up work centre needs to be organised carefully and in such a way to make your life easier and cooking more satisfying.


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