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Concrete quartz – break down the monotony

Concrete quartz – be bold, not dull

Concrete referring to the name of this particular color doesn’t have to be dull and monotonous. Although, at first sight it may seem like not an obvious choice when deciding on quartz furnishing if properly arranged it can be a good idea. Just think of its properties first, then possible associations (be creative and let your imagination take over the reins) and then find possible applications.

Let’s start with the properties. Concrete quartz at first sight seems very uniform, especially if compared to other shades. This is not entirely true. Although, at first sight uniform and dully grey with closer look it gains in attractiveness. Check it out closely. Can you see small particles glowing beneath the grey surface? They aren’t placed regularly or in any planned order. They just multiply in one spot and then disperse in another. There’s no rule when and where will they go. It’s such a rich color after some time. You can’t even take your eyes off the surface, can you? Suddenly dull color is truly bold and beckoning.

Quartz is bold, let’s be bold yourself. Choose the slab you need and decide on fitting your surface with concrete quartz. However, remember to be careful. Although, it seems that grey can suit all interiors and walls and furniture colors it’s not always true. Think in advance how you want to arrange your space, and use the dormant potency of concrete quartz to set you rooms off and not give them away to boredom.

Concrete quartz – find your creativity

Concrete quartz can work well in the kitchen. It’s a perfect choice for kitchen painted in all shades and types of white, no matter if it’s warm milky white or sterile. Concrete quartz combines well with all of them. This quartz shade can be also a perfect solution for kitchen  designed in beiges and browns as well as blacks. You don’t have to limit yourself to these relatively safe colors, be creative and play with arranging concrete quartz with sky blue or juicy green interiors. These can work well too, if not cluttered with unnecessary decorations.


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