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Fireplace is the element which everyone associates with the domestic flame. It makes our homes cozy and “warm”. It is also called the focal point which draws all visitors attention. Lovely fireplace, undoubtedly, add extra beauty to your living room.  Because of these reasons, we should think what design we would like to have. It could be great decoration not only for our “normal” houses, but also for your lake house or holidays home. There are some various types of designs which usually depend on material that is used in fireplace construction.

There might be used glass, wood or stone. If you have any problem to decide which material is the most suitable for you and your needs, let us describe a little bit some ideas related to fireplaces made from stone. Actually, a lot of types of stones are good for fireplace construction. However, it depends on what style of your fireplace you would like to have: classic, minimalistic or rather modern. The most popular material are stones which can be quite easy to process, for example, marble, sandstone, limestone or travertine.

However, sometimes harder stones like granite or slate are used as well. In this article we will focus on on the first group. The most popular stone used in fireplaces manufacturing is marble. The main reason why customers love marble is its availability in a large number of various colours. Thanks to this, fireplaces made from marble can be really colorful. However, a large number of customers prefer elegant and really aesthetically looking white or light colour.

Marble is very attractive because it looks elegant and lushly. Unfortunately, after a while marble is tarnishing, so after fireplace installation, there is recommended to cover it with some impregnating agent. Limestone is available only in rather cold colours and its surface is unitary, without any veins or spots. Because of this reasons, limestone is perfect option to create contrasts. Limestone fireplaces look amazing in both modern and rustic interiors.

A little bit porous texture will go with minimalistic design. However, erased texture makes the effect of “overwearing”, which suits the most to rustic designs. Limestone fireplaces should be also covered with some impregnating agent. The other stone that you can choose for your fireplace is sandstone which is more hard than limestone but also very porous and very easy to be covered with stains.  It is also recommended for rustic interiors. There also should be added that easier to maintain are polished surfaces. Sandstone is usually decorticate or milled into balks.

Travertine is a type of limestone which thanks to its porous texture and warm colours look very beautiful and it does not require any special setting. Such simple rock looks absolutely amazing and elegant. Travertine is used for vertical parts of the fireplace. As we have already mentioned travertine has porous surface, so in order to avoid dust cumulative process in such tiny holes, travertine fireplaces are also advised to cover it with protecting layer of resin.


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