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Granite and its technical parameters

Almost everyone knows that granite is one of the most durable and durable finishing materials. However, it turns out to have many other distinctive features/technical properties, which are rarely mentioned. We decided to change it and prepare an article on this issue. Pleasant reading!

  • Hardness – probably not many people know, but the hardness of granite is estimated at 6-7 on the 10-degree Mohs scale, which makes it harder than steel. Of course, it also has excellent resistance to mechanical damage and scratches. Note, however, that its structure is quite brittle, so hitting with a heavy metal object can cause it to crack. We will also add that it looks beautiful, does not absorb moisture and does not become stained, which makes it a really excellent quality product.
  • Density – the density of granite is very high and ranges from about 2600 kg/m3 to over 3000 kg/m3. With this in mind, it is ideal as a heavy and stable base.
  • Resistance to temperature – granite starts to melt only when the temperature of 1200oC acts on it. For comparison, let’s mention that steel melts at 1400oC, so the difference is small.
  • Heat accumulation – granite perfectly absorbs heat and evenly distributes it over its entire surface. It is worth to use it in the kitchen and make it a hob for grilling or baking pizza. What’s more, the unheated one absorbs the heat from the dish placed next to it, so it can be used to cool down dishes. Unfortunately, this natural material does not tolerate rapid temperature fluctuations, so we do not advise you to heat it up and pour cold water immediately afterwards, because the probability of it bursting is high.
  • Uniqueness – granite is created as a result of natural processes that take place under the surface of the earth, so it does not happen that its fragments are identical, have the same structure, colour and decomposition of minerals. This, in turn, makes it a unique and unique product. Of course, the palette of shades in which it occurs is extremely wide, so there is something to choose from.

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