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Granite worktops Liverpool – a practical decoration for every kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of a home. You can spend time there on cooking, drinking coffee and even enjoying your free time with a glass of wine. Therefore, it is important that the arrangement of the kitchen is correspondent to both work and relaxation. Kitchen furniture should be functional and spacious, so that it can accommodate all the necessary accessories. Worktops are also an important element. They are one of the most exploited possessions in the entire house, probably just behind your bed, sofa and TV. Worktops provide the kitchen a character and truly have a major impact on the vibrancy of the whole interior. Are you thinking of getting granite worktops liverpool? Be sure to read on why my Liverpool family love these products:

As I have mentioned many times on this blog, granite kitchen worktops are extremely effective products. They can be introduced into virtually any interior. Due to their unusual, unique colours, they will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding people. Many of my family members who live across Merseyside (a UK county) own granite worktops Liverpool, agree with this opinion. They all have such varied likes and dislikes, and yet they all agree on one thing: granite can work in any arrangement!

Granite, wooden or laminated worktop?

It’s never easy to decide which worktop to go for, especially if you’re new to the interior design sector. To put it simply, when choosing the best version of the worktop, you have to take into account a number of factors – for example, how much work space you use in the kitchen, whether you will expose the worktops to a lot of extensive cooking (chopping, dealing with fruit acids, strong liquids like tomato juice etc.), whether you expect to have the worktops for a very long time, and finally what spending budget you possess. These are all questions which need to be considered.

If you tend to cook often, and you don’t want to constantly worry about exposing your worktops to damage, consider investing in a durable, resistant granite surface (or other stone product e.g. quartz or sintered stone). If you use the kitchen a lot and you don’t mind impregnating the worktop once every six months – choose a wooden worktop. But bear in mind that natural wood can easily chip or stain, if you are not careful. Other than that, natural wood can beautifully blend itself with the rest of your kitchen surroundings, and it’s a pretty cheap option, so it’s definitely worth considering.

Lastly, if you rarely enter your kitchen, perform only limited cooking, and the appearance of the worktop is something that does not bother you, we recommend the cheapest version, i.e. a laminated worktop. However, remember that these products don’t last for years, unlike granite, and certainly don’t resist cooking as much as stone. So, you may save a lot of money with this option, but you won’t be able to expose them to a lot of heat or chop your veg directly on this surface, without endangering it.

Granite worktops Liverpool – what do my relatives think about the adaptive nature of granite?

Susan (has had he Absolute Black granite worktops for over 4 years):

“Granite is a material that will work very well in a kitchen where cooking is frequent and abundant, and the worktop is really intensively used. Granite worktops are hard, very resistant to damage, do not react with acids and do not absorb water. That is why my granite worktops Liverpool that I had fitted in my flat, are difficult to scratch, stain or generally damage. I’ve had these worktops for over 4 years now, and their properties or advantages hadn’t altered – I don’t know any other material that could compare to granite, if I’m to be honest. I forgot to mention that these types of worktops, can be exposed to very high temperatures, and undergo long heating treatment. So you can put hot dishes, pots and pans directly on them, and nothing will happen. I even once tried to blowtorch my creme burle on the surface, and there was zero burning marks. I’m mega impressed!”

What my relatives, who possess granite worktops Liverpool, think of granite design and shading?

Mark (purchased Shivakashi worktops 2 years ago):

“Granite is a stone, which can be purchased in various shades, including grey, beige, white, green, red, black, pink etc. When we entered Polish Granite’s showroom (see their website here), we were amazed at how many varieties we were offered. By opting for this material, you’re definitely not going to be limited. In addition to the variety of colours, granite also has unique patterns – veins, blemishes, multicoloured grains, as well as mineral composition spots etc. It’s definitely nothing you have ever seen before. We fell in love with the golden/white Shivakashi product instantly, and didn’t hesitate any longer to purchase the colour.”

To add to my cousin Mark’s comment, granite can not only be used as a functional worktop, but also a decoration for the kitchen space. Such versatility makes it a truly unique and advantageous kitchen tool.

Furthermore, rich granites full of grains or patterns work best as a material on kitchen islands or in spaces where, apart from the hob or sink, there won’t be a lot of surrounding elements that could compete/clash with the vibrant colours. Although, if you pair things up well, a lovely contrast can be created. Moreover, the monochromatic colours underlined by the varied quartz granules perfectly match the modernist styles. Granite’s natural composition also works perfectly with other organic products like wood. As a result, this material can be a perfect match for the extremely raw industrial style.

Granite worktops Liverpool also fit perfectly into traditional style interiors. It gives the impression of stability and timelessness. In such interiors, we recommend quartzites with a brushed/leathery surface, commonly known as antico, honed or flamed. Such profile on the surface will prevent it from shining, giving off a slightly matt, raw appearance. It does not reflect light either, bringing in an effect of an old, rustic but still very valuable patina. This works great with natural, unpolished wood or other raw stone elements.

Cleanliness is the key

You should try to keep your worktop clean every day. When it comes to granites, hygiene is extremely important, because if not taken care of, granite can quickly lose its indestructible properties. Yes, it is resistant to spillages, food stains and even acids, but this attribute should not be overestimated or abused. If you spill a bit of water on the surface, nothing will happen, even if you leave it there for a day. However, if you spill a coffee or wine, we recommend that you give it a solid wipe within a couple of hours. The beauty of granite is that it won’t absorb things/stain immediately, like natural wood for example. BUT, over time, such strong liquids may be harmful.

To avoid even more disappointment, we also recommend sealing natural granite with a special impregnator liquid at least every 3 months. This isn’t a laborious task – you simply need to pour some on a cloth, and gently rub it into the surface of the stone.

This is what Rick, my brother in law has to say:

“I’ve had my Blue Pearl granite worktops Liverpool for a couple of months now, and I still remember the guidelines my suppliers provided. First rule was that it is advisable to clean these surfaces using natural rather than chemical means, as they are safer for my health, as well as the health of the stone itself. The easiest way to remove dirt from stone countertops is to simply wipe them with a slightly damp cloth and maybe a little soap. Then once a week give them a clean with a special granite care product we were provided on the day of our installation. My wife also adds that if you have worktops, make sure you still use a chopping desk to place very hot objects on. We were told that our granite worktops Liverpool can withstand very high temperatures, but sometimes there’s always a little bit of grease or burning underneath the pans that can slightly decolour the product if the pot is left behind for too long. SO to avoid that risk, our suppliers recommended that we still use a chopping board, made from the same granite product, to further maintain the worktops. Overall, so far we’ve noticed the maintenance required is minimal, and from what I’ve experienced and been told, granites do not fade or break. SO we are super happy”

If you want to enjoy a wonderful kitchen interior, be sure to purchase some granite worktops Liverpool for your Merseyside home. It will truly be an unparalleled choice. You won’t just be left with an interesting appearance, but also a unique structure of granite and its exceptional durability and functionality, which will satisfy you for at least the next decade!


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