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York and North Yorkshire – which granite / quartz company delivers to this county? Read the following tip and ensure you make business with the right suppliers!

A couple of months ago I wrote a similar blog for all my Liverpoolian readers, interested in where they can find a well-known and well-received worktops company which can provide top-quality granite, ceramic, marble and quartz worktops products in Merseyside. This time, I would like to enlighten some of my Yorkshire readers!

Don’t be fooled by news of extra charges! With some granite / quartz companies, you’ll be charged the same as with locals!

York granite worktops

I’ll say this right off the bat – if you are hesitant about contacting granite / quartz companies who are located outside of Yorkshire, in fear of extra charge, then you’re greatly mistaken. Many granite / quartz companies in North of England won’t charge anything to deliver granite / quartz worktops goods.

Many are under the impression that fuel costs and travel + longer hours of fitters will equal to raised prices. Nonsense! If you think about it, it’s merely 1.45hrs drive from Manchester to York. This isn’t distance that could warrant a granite / quartz company to charge more. Remember, many of non-local granite / quartz businesses want to retain you as customer, so they won’t apply extra charges because of slightly longer drive.

York granite worktops

I’ve spoken a couple of days ago to a company which delivers granite worktops York and quartz worktops YorkPolish Granite LTD and with no extra charge! In my previous blog, they received a humble mention, and not by chance. They continue to surprise me, because the list of positive attributes this granite & quartz worktops firm keeps garnering day by day.

They say that there’s only few places in North of England where they will have to ask for little extra for fuel charge (namely Newcastle, Carlisle, Cumbria, Durham etc. In other words places to which destination exceeds 100+ miles) but for residents of York, and most of Yorkshire, it’s a charge-free granite / quartz delivery!

“Will this quartz / granite comany take weeks to deliver my granite / quartz worktops product?”York quartz worktops
This is also a common misconception, because, as I found out, the period of time needed to complete a successful granite / quartz delivery and fitting is very, very swift! According to Polish Granite, from their trip back from York (with completed template), they will require probably another 5-7 days to produce, manufacture and polish all your quartz worktops and then deliver them to York. Installation takes merely 2-3hrs, depending on kitchen size. As such, even if you’re from York, you should not be afraid to contact granite / quartz companies, like Polish Granite, scattered across the UK, because they will supply you top-notch quartz / granite service and swift execution of the whole process.

Don’t hesitate, reach for your phone and receive your York granite / quartz worktops in less than a week!


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