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Marble stairs – walk up with the kings

Marble stairs – possibilities

Marble is a natural stone and such possesses certain unique qualities which can’t be found in engineered or completely man made stones. It’s original properties can’t be replicated without a loss. Hence, marble is still valued for its inner beauty and qualities. What are the most distinguishing features of marble? First of all, marble has a truly unique coloring. Each marble slab is unique and you can’t find two that are identical. The colors are given extra weight by the veining. Each marble has a inimitable veining going through its surface. Although, the range of colors is limited (it’s like the opposite with engineered stones where you can have every color or shade imaginable) the colors are so unique that marble can be truly aesthetically pleasing.

Marble apart from its aesthetic qualities has a lot of practical features. It’s very durable. Maybe not so much as granite but definitely it isn’t easily scratched or damaged. It’s non-porous, which means it doesn’t absorb liquids and it’s resistant to such harmful factors as heat, moist or bacteria. Due to these qualities marble finds a lot of possible applications in many areas. Since, the very beginning of human history marble played an important role in architecture. Today we can still admire marble temples, columns or statues from the ancient times. Although, marble color sometimes faded its structure remained mostly untouched by the time. Nowadays we still have many applications for marble.

Marble stairs – possible design

The most common marble applications are for example marble worktops in bathrooms, marble kitchen countertops, marble table toppings, marble flooring and cladding etc. apart from interior marble applications there are many outdoor marble based structures. Just think of marble columns, marble stairs or fountains. Although, they aren’t so common as worktops and countertops they also play an important role in home or garden architecture. Marble stairs are particularly interesting, both indoor or outdoor. With marble stairs designer can truly bring back the air of royalty and the feeling of emperors long lost in history. This is truly a great idea to jazz up a little your interiors or garden and invest a little money on marble. Don’t be afraid to walk up the stairs with the kings. If you are looking for company producing marble stairs visit polishgranite website.


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