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Non corrosive inscriptions – brighten granite tombstones

Granite tombstones – possible ideas

Granite is a very interesting rock. It’s a natural stone which has a lot of practical properties. To name just a few granite is highly durable – if taken care of properly it can last for a long time. Secondly, it’s resistant to all kinds of factors. There is no harm done to granite from rain, snow, liquids or such weather conditions like temperature fluctuations or freezing temperatures. Hence, no wonder granite is perfect for making tombstones. Tombstones are subjected to harsh weather conditions and need to withstand them in order to serve their functions.

Granite tombstones can take many shapes and types of polish. You can choose from clearly cut edges, where the lines are clean and tombstones appear neat and solid. But, you can also have tombstones with rough edges where tombstones can have an air of long history and respect for tradition. Apart from different types of cut you can set on various types of polish, from a very glossy one, where all the grains and particles are highly visible to the very matt, where granite surface appears to be smooth and uniform.

Non corrosive inscriptions – materials

To make granite tombstones unique and lasting it’s obvious to choose other quality materials for the finish. Non corrosive inscriptions are a good idea. Most of the times they are made of steel with non-corrosive properties. They are made with the use of advanced technologies and modern day devices. They are clearly cut and can come highly polished or matt. Due to applied technological solutions they can be cut in a very precise way and come in different shapes. Traditionally, you can choose from steel grey color, but there are more and more possibilities as the technologies and industry is constantly developing.

Non corrosive inscriptions are a perfect choice if you want tombstones and lettering to last for a long time. High quality material and technological solution guarantee durability and satisfaction. It’s always better to invest a little and think in the long term.


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