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Quartz kitchen worktops

It is on the kitchen countertop that we perform most of the kitchen activities. It should therefore be solid and… fit in with the interior design. Apart from wooden or laminated worktops, new solutions are constantly appearing on the market. One of them are super durable quartz kitchen countertops, which give an infinite number of possibilities of kitchen arrangement. These are their advantages and disadvantages.

Quartz conglomerate for kitchen worktops

For a long time, worktops made of quartz conglomerate (called artificial stone) have also been very popular. Most often they are chosen by people who appreciate not only the stone aesthetics, but also rely on modern technologies. What also counts for them is ease of use and very good physical and mechanical properties. A rich palette of colours and various finishing options make countertops made of conglomerate more and more popular alternative to natural stone.

What is a conglomerate? It is formed by a combination of ground quartzite and polyester resin. The use of different pigments results in a wide range of colours. Manufacturers offer glossy, matt and satin tops. In the production of conglomerate, various additives are used, e.g. glass particles, mirror pieces or brocade. Thanks to this, kitchen worktops with interesting colour and illumination effects are available. Quartz conglomerates in light, snow-white colours are very popular. Such pure white is unattainable in the case of granite worktops.

The most important physical-mechanical properties of quartz conglomerates include both exceptional durability and very low absorbability. Thanks to this, their surface does not create conditions for the development of germs and moulds. What is most important, on such a table top it is difficult to absorb any liquids and they may come into contact with food.

Apart from aesthetic values, the advantages include the ease of care of worktops’ surfaces – they are not sensitive to most detergents, and often a slightly damp, soft cloth is sufficient for everyday care. Removing more difficult dirt is also not a problem. Gentle cleaning lotions or standard kitchen chemistry are perfect for this purpose. Tops made of conglomerate do not require any maintenance – they do not need to be impregnated to enjoy them for many years.

Kominki z konglomeratu

Conglomerates are most often used in kitchen or bathroom countertops, mainly because of their properties, which are particularly suitable for these rooms. In addition, conglomerates can also be used as a material for fireplace frames. A wide range of shades allows for any arrangement of the room, while the possibility of seamless extension of the conglomerate surface using the same material, which gives the impression of the fireplace “blending” in with the space.


The functional properties of conglomerates are indisputable – it is a very robust and resistant material that can be used in many surfaces. In addition, the quartz conglomerate (https://www.polishgranite.co.uk/quartz-worktops/) is the perfect way to arrange your interior in a modern and eye-catching way. If the technical advantages have not spoken to you, then let the aesthetics speak to you. A few selected projects using this material below.


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