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Rough edged quartz worktops – back to nature

Quartz worktops

Although, modern designs prefer natural materials over engineered surfaces quartz worktops are still popular in furnishing bathrooms, kitchen and home interiors in general. Engineered quartz consists of 94% quartz and other additives such as resin, mineral pigments etc. Their natural qualities such as high durability and resistance to factors like heat or liquids are all artificially enhanced. It’s worth remembering that its appearance is not changed due to engineering process, therefore it still has the touch of natural surface. Significant profit of engineered quartz is that quartz worktops come in a wide range of colours. There are no unavailable colours like in case of granite or marble.

Quartz worktops – modern features

Quartz worktops can be easily cut and designed to fit all kinds of interiors. They are easily adaptable to match classical furniture and traditional warmth of Italian style kitchen but also fit for modern pristine Scandinavian style house. Such modern features as simplicity, minimalism, straight lines and clean cut edges can be easily reflected in quartz worktops. Quartz is easy to cut and shape therefore, it can be made into perfect slab with clean lines and smooth surfaces. It can fit perfectly in a sterile modern apartments, with their abundance of carefully organized space. Therefore, it becomes even more interesting when considering making rough edged quartz worktops and furnishing your modern design kitchen with them.

Rough edged quartz worktops – against modern design

Rough edged quartz worktops are simply slabs of quartz which don’t have their edges automatically cut clean and straight. Rough edges don’t mean that it’s the original state of quartz. It’s the opposite. Rough edges are also designed and made on purpose. There are special machines which make the edges and then polish them so they won’t be sharp and dangerous. Rough edge is therefore, one of the possible design of quartz worktops or countertops. There are also many ways to do it and many possible looks of rough edges. They are not all the same. Interestingly, they may vary significantly.

Rough edged quartz worktops are mostly more popular in interiors which tend to keep the air of traditional design. When combined with natural stone blocks building the basis of the worktop they can truly give the interior touch of the homely past. Rough edges give off an impression of family evening by the warm fire. They tend to bring back the nature with its untamed powers and apparent lack of control. Although, typically they are associated with traditional kitchen they as well may be furnished in modern day designs. Interestingly, the stark contrast between clean cut edges and perfect lines of modern design and the rugged edges of the worktop can have a stunning effect. Modern smooth lines are suddenly disturbed and the whole space gains new dimension. Eye-catching and beckoning.


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