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Are Dekton worktops any good? | Granite Expert’s Advice

Ceramic worktops, like Dekton or Neolith are a relatively new invention. The technology was developed no more than 10 years ago and in that time they have managed to grow into widely popular kitchen worktop solution, rivalling even quartz worktops themselves. But why is that?

What is Dekton and why are Dekton worktops so revered?

Dekton worktops, or Dekton slabs to begin with are an amalgam of raw materials, binding agents and pigments that are baked in extremely high temperatures to grant them that sturdy, almost indestructible quality.

Preparing food on a Dekton worktop

This material making process, along with the inherent rough texture of these products is mainly why sintered stone like Dekton worktops are referred to as ‘ceramic’, because in those two aspects they resemble the traditional porcelain or ceramic materials.

But this is where the similarity ends. While ceramic pots and porcelain plates are very fragile, brittle and soft, sintered-stone like a Dekton worktop is almost indestructible.

Dekton worktop – why should you buy it?

A modern worktop in your kitchen should not only be practical, but also beautiful. With Dekton worktops functionality goes hand in hand with aesthetics.

Ceramic worktops are a great option for people who care about the safety and longevity of their kitchen. Dekton surfaces are stain resistant, heat resistant, scratch resistant and they do not fade in colour. It’s safe to say they are the ultimate kitchen worktops solution.

Try to imagine you have a wooden worktop or laminate worktops. Each day they are exposed to UV light via the beaming sun, which either warps them or damages the structure. You have to use cork or metal mats to sit all the hot pots, oven trays on the worktop, as wood doesn’t withstand high temperatures. If you spill a bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, coffee or wine it could be a disaster as the stain resistance of natural or man made wood is very poor. At the end of the day your child drops a mig on the wooden surface and it dents the kitchen worktop.

Grey Dekton kitchen worktop

All the while, Dekton kitchen worktops will embrace all of those perils. No matter the extreme heat, spillage of heavy liquids, or the blazing sun, or threat of clumsy children. All damage will be prevented.

And yes, Dekton countertops are a tad more expensive than wood or laminate, but they won’t cost you the stress and the money that would have to be spent every 3-4 years on repairs.

That’s why preparing meals on a Dekton countertop is convenient. Living with a Dekton kitchen worktop is easy and safe. The most important thing is that it’s an investment for a generation. We promise that even when your kids grow up, and you age, your highly resistant Dekton worktops will retain their integrity, colour and durability forever on.

Uniqueness of ceramic worktops

As we already said, with Dekton worktops you’re not just investing into the functionality, but also the stunning design.

Dekton colours come in a wide range of patterns, shades and hues. You can opt for marble looking creations, or plain colours that create a homogenous whole with the rest of your kitchen. Or maybe Dekton worktops that imitate metal or real natural stone like slate or granite. Whatever takes your fance, your Dekton worktops will blend beautifully with kitchen furniture and other kitchen decoration.

The benefits of Dekton are many, but ceramic worktops win when it comes to originality and creativity. We’ve browsed catalogues of metal, laminate or even granite or quartz worktops – but the designs Dekton Cosentino make are truly one of a kind.

Ordering your ceramic worktops: Which company to contact?

The first step to creating your worktop is to enquire for a quote. One company, which offers fantastic and affordable Dekton worktops prices is Polish Granite. They set their Dekton kitchen worktops cost low and travel across the UK, even though their base is in Manchester.

Once you get Polish granite’s quote, they will arrange to measure up your kitchen. A process called templating. After all measurements have been taken, they order your Dekton Silestone slab, deal with all manufacturing according to the templates then come out again and install your Dekton worktops.

On their website it says that their turnaround can be anywhere between 5-7 days depending on your location, which is very reasonable.

Quartz vs Ceramic. Which should you choose?

Ceramic worktops, like quartz worktops are one of the most popular stone worktops solutions. Both products are stain resistant, scratch resistant or highly resistant to physical impacts or mechanical damage. Both also boast high uv resistance, so the risk of discolouration is near to none.

Cladded bathroom with ceramic stone surfaces

However, it’s Dekton surfaces that come in vast range of textures (glass-like gloss or rough riverwashed matte), their colour palette is incredibly wide but above all you can purchase Dekton surfaces in a vast range of thicknesses. That is: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm.

This is an incredible amount which offers a mass of application opportunities. You can clad the walls, ceilings, furniture or even kitchen cabinets with this surface because of the ultra light quality. A 15cm x 15cm tile won’t weigh more than 300 grams, which means that Dekton surfaces aren’t a hinderance on the fittings and hinges of furniture. And neither do they impact the integrity of the cladded object.

You can even cover your entire bathroom with Dekton surfaces without taking much of the space – this wouldn’t work with much thicker, heavier quartz.

Dekton kitchen worktops in bathroom

Quartz, on the other hand is also as beautiful and resistant as Dekton worktops, but they only come in 20mm or 30mm thicknesses. It’s not to say that this is a disadvantage, however. A 30mm is more applicable for places where there is high risk of abrasion, for example. E.g. a cladded floor in a shop in Trafford Centre, Manchester, where thousands, if not millions of feet tread per week.

A 12mm Dekton surface might be good for worktops or home, indoor applications, but not so much for places where traffic and risk of wearing is extreme. Taking this into account, you also need to consider your personal preference. Some people like their worktops to look thick – they appreciate that a stone is not only heavy but also looks sturdy and highly resistant to elements.

Furthermore, while the colour palette of Dekton kitchen surfaces is wide, it’s only a fraction of what quartz manufacturers have available. This is probably because ceramic worktops are still a relatively young product.

As such, we can narrow your choice down to: application, personal preference, selection of colours. These three factors will likely determine which product you’ll need.

What is cheaper quartz or Dekton ceramic worktops?

Definitely Dekton worktops are more expensive. We have quickly used Polish Granite’s price calculator tool and for the same kitchen type & same variables, we’d be looking at a 25% increase in price of Dekton.

Why is that?

Probably because of the uniqueness of a lot of Dekton colours. In all honesty, some of them are stunning and there’s few quartz worktops colours that could replicate the masterful designs.

Dekton surfaces on kitchen wall

Second reason is probably the exclusive range of thicknesses. It would make sense that for less material, you should pay less money. But when it comes to Dekton worktops, this isn’t the case.

The fact that so much processing power, energy and brains is put into creating these indestructible products at only 6mm thickness is incredible. It’s unlikely that quartz manufacturers could achieve that. You’re therefore paying more because the design journey is an ingenious, unique and state-of-the-art process.

Just think of how much Apple charged for their first Iphones, when the smart-screens were a brand new, exclusive technology. It’s the same even in this case.

So, should you buy a Dekton worktop?

Given the analysis we provided above, you certainly should. As long as your budget and financial situation permits it, right now, apart from quartz worktops there’s nothing better on the kitchen surfaces market than stain resistant, damage resistant, heat resistant Dekton worktop.

Dekton kitchen tops are a flawless exemplar of the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’. Dekton surfaces are an investment – you spend some to enjoy longevity and durability with a touch of style and beauty.


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