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Interior design 2020 – Will minimalism continue on through to this new decade?

2020 – A time for change in interior design? 

2020 is finally upon us! This decade has flown by so fast, and so much in interior design has changed. The trend has generally gone in one direction – we have become more restrictive when it comes to internal decor, humble when it comes to appliances and generally minimalist in our attitude. However, this doesn’t mean that we suddenly stopped utilising appliances, or elected to keep less kitchenware – no, this hasn’t changed. Instead what the 2010-2019 decade has taught us was to be more compact, conceal that what doesn’t need to be on show; to evolve our interiors into spaces simple in design, layout and decor.

Have a look at the picture to the right. What do you see?  interior design

I have only one association: a traditional, pre-2010 kitchen! Do you see all the objects and kitchenware strewn all over? The cooker clogged between the units, the scales, ladles and spatulas; shelves where things sit and gather dust, the aged extractor fan, limited worktop room. I feel these are all elements of the past. It’s a typical, clustered kitchen which contains everything that was left behind in the 2000s, as far as interior design trends go anyway.

Now check the other picture out (below):

interior design

Do you notice the difference? 

Perhaps the most obvious aspect is that the other kitchen is bigger, and you may argue it gives it more space to declutter. But that’s absolutely not the case. The change is solely in technology, in design. 

The cabinets are not only sleek, symmetrical and handleless, they are voluminous and designed in such a way to utilise as much of it’s space as possible. The contemporary cabinet units can be pulled out and the storage within is incomparable; the capacity unparalleled. That’s predominantly because new kitchen space design doesn’t just rely on simple shelving i.e. a system of unit separation whereby two/three blocky columns are added – where you are expected to stack everything. What we see above is an example of complete opposite – each cupboard has it’s own design – they contain more detailed, metallic shelving that you can pul out and stack your items, like in a dishwasher. Thanks to this, everything can be tidily put away, and likewise unproblematically taken out.

Simplicity was the key solution in the last decade – and we acquired many role models

Interior design, like fashion, changes all the time. I think the mainstream trends always model themselves after the fashions celebrities adopt. For example, the increase of hydraulic sinks that lower and raise with a press of a button quadrupled merely weeks after Kim Kardashian showed off the new ‘Disappearing Sink’ technology on her recently published Instagram Video – even she was impressed, so just imagine what the ordinary public thought. And yes, her sink isn’t the lowering mechanical one, but rather the recess type, which eliminates the use of bowls completely, but even that makes it revolutionary and almost completely unique. In effect, it’s a very simple design – it just never became popular, because no one of prominence utilised this system. The practicalities of these solutions aside, one cannot deny it makes the kitchen one-of-a-kind.

In fact, if you have a look at Kim’s whole interior design in the Video, you will notice that simplicity and minimalism prevail – complemented by symmetrical shapes. I think we like to possess the same items, and styles as famous people, because they set a standard for the contemporary world. That’s not to say I condone each design and of each famous person, but there is a hint of envy in all of us, when we look at their superior living conditions. This manifests across many fields and spectrum – going back to Kardashians, just look at the standards Kim’s younger sister Kylie set in the world of make-up. That market has transformed completely ever since she entered the limelight.

When it comes to interior design minimalism, I think the reason why it became so popular, is because a lot of us can achieve that, without spending thousands or pounds or reaching out to elaborate designers. Big, mainstream firms like Wren, Magnet or Howdens have adopted this new approach to their designs; they constantly modify and alter their products, to fit with the rising trend of simplicity.

But what next? Will this trend shift slightly? 

It’s always hard to predict what will change in the future – based on the aforementioned trends, we can postulate that whatever the celebrities implement, will soon be adopted by the mainstream. I know one thing: the trend towards nature and organic themes is constantly shifting. We’re slowly stepping away from the ordinary laminate cabinets or plastic elements – we more often purchase natural granite worktops, lay our floors with unpolished stone, purchase ceramic in the likeness of organic wood, or even implement wood itself. I think this vegan, nature-adoring movement is increasingly on the rise, and that will steadily continue to soar.

interior design

That’s not to say everyone will opt for these solutions, but I do think the integration of natural stone or wood will soon become a standard. That also doesn’t mean we will go full out, because then the scale would be tipping towards traditionalist styles – I’m talking about hints of organic elements – a wooden worktop, a stone flooring, a grain-textured side panel. The subtle but certainly dominant features. To visually stimulate you a bit more, check out the picture to the left:

I think the picture demonstrates what will steadily become the norm. The simplicity and minimalism are still prominent, but you can see that wood and limestone-looking worktops are doing their trick.

One of my friends, Mike has written a very good article about his 2020 predictions for modern kitchen trends, possibly even spanning through the entire decade. Give it a read: Trade Granite Supplies


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