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Why choose granite worktops Wigan? – pros and cons, care of stone worktops

Elegant and well-chosen kitchen worktops are the crowning point of furniture and the whole arrangement. Additionally, in the kitchen they play the role of a worktop, so they must be durable and functional. This is the reason why stone worktops are very popular. They fit many styles of arrangement and wherever they appear, they add chic elegance to the interior.

Stone worktops can be made of granite, sandstone or marble. These stones have different colours and properties. We recommend how to choose stone worktops for your kitchen.

Why choose stone worktops?

Stone is a gift of nature, whose properties are irreplaceable in the kitchen. First of all, stone kitchen worktops are resistant to scratches and abrasion – they can be cut on them without using a board. You can also place hot pots and baking pans on a stone worktop without the risk of damage to the surface. Stone is also highly resistant to moisture and dirt. All these features make worktops the ideal choice for any kitchen.

Granite or marble?

Among stone worktops available on the market, granite worktops Wigan are the best choice. They are very hard and resistant to all kinds of damage. You can easily put on them hot dishes directly from burners or ovens. They can be cut on them, because they are not only very difficult to scratch, but also do not discolour under the influence of juices from products such as citrus or silage. Granite is resistant to water and chemicals, which is why it provides hygienic working conditions in every kitchen.  Granite worktops Wigan have many color variations – from deep black, through gray, delicate warm beiges, salmon pink, to faded green and strong blue. Thus, the granite table top can be neutral, in subdued colours or coloured. It can be polished or matt. Thanks to this, it can be adjusted to any interior arrangement. It is worth remembering that this type of worktops are very durable, so they will serve you for many years.

Kitchen worktops are also made of marble. Marble worktops are a timeless choice, because these models were already popular many years ago and have not gone out of fashion since then. They are also made to order, so that they can be adapted even to non-standard cabinets. They are also worth placing in the bathroom. They will serve as chests of drawers with a built-in washbasin. Marble worktops, like granite worktops Wigan, are resistant to high temperatures, which is extremely important in the kitchen. You don’t have to lay washers every time to place a hot pot on such a worktop. What’s more, they are also scratch-resistant, although they require impregnation already at the production stage. During use it is worth refreshing the impregnation once in a while.

Are stone kitchen worktops free of defects?

First of all, it is worth pointing out that you will have to pay more for stone worktops than for other types of kitchen worktops, such as laminated or wooden worktops. However, it is worth remembering that worktops of this type can be used for a much longer period of time, so they are an investment for years.

The disadvantage of stone kitchen worktops is also their quite high weight, which makes them require a solid kitchen furniture base. When buying ready-made furniture, it is worth checking its load capacity, and when ordering a kitchen to size, it should be noted that it is to be complemented by stone worktops.

It is also worth pointing out that an improperly used stone worktop is able to quickly lose its charm – we are talking about marble worktops in particular, so it is best to choose granite worktops Wigan for the kitchen.

How to take care of stone worktops?

Stone worktops add stylish elegance to the interior, so it is worth taking care of them to look good for years to come. Small dirt is best removed with a damp cloth with a mild detergent. For heavy dirt it is worth to buy a stone cleaner. However, it must be designed for surfaces that come into contact with stone.

It is also worth impregnating worktops with special preservatives for stone. They will ensure that it will not absorb moisture and dirt, as well as retain an elegant shine.

Over the years, natural stones have created quite a number of limitations related to their shaping. Today’s technologies and new methods of cutting hard materials make it possible to produce any shape. This creates practically unlimited possibilities of kitchen interior design. Investing in granite worktops Wigan requires a considerable amount of money, but it is certainly a one-off expense for several decades. This type of worktops are a perfect way to add an elegant addition to the kitchen, which will meet even the most exorbitant requirements!


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