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Cleaning granite countertops – a few tips

Granite countertops features

Granite is a natural stone frequently used for furnishing kitchens or bathrooms. Sleek granite slabs create unique worktops or working spaces. Their distinctive qualities such as densely grained surfaces and wide range of colors (interestingly there are no two the same slabs) make granite a wonderful material to work with. Apart from aesthetic qualities granite is also highly durable material. It’s really hard and resistant to many factors such as heat or liquids. It’s also almost impossible to scratch and any heavy impact can hardly damage its surface. Whereas granite is a perfect solution for kitchen countertops it’s not indestructible. It still needs to be cleaned to remain in good condition.

Cleaning granite countertops

Cleaning granite countertops is not a complicated process. There are two really important things to remember: cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis and with proper materials. Firstly, let’s consider regular refreshing cleaning. For this you will need just a little of warm water, soap and a piece of cloth. To clean your granite countertop just wipe it with the cloth soaked in the soapy water and then rinse thoroughly, and finally wipe it dry with another cloth or piece of paper. Easy and really simple. It’s worth to remember that there is no need for any special chemicals or cleaning pads. It’s even better to keep it simple. Know that if you use abrasive cleaner or sponge they can destroy granite surface.
What about more difficult situation when you need to remove some stains or dirty spots? For this you will need a special mix of baking soda and water. When you create the paste just put it on a piece of cloth and scrub the stained place. Don’t scrub too hard. It is better to repeat the process a few times than do it too eagerly. Finally, rinse the spot and wipe it dry with a clean piece of cloth. If you want to keep your granite countertop shiny put a little of oil on a piece of cloth and gently wipe the surface. Then, give it a final polish with a fresh cloth.


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