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Glass extension ideas

Glass extension ideas

Glass extensions are gaining momentum now. They are becoming more and more popular. This refers not only to houses but also to former industrial buildings transformed into modern apartments and also modern day flats where there is just a little space available to be transformed into a glass extension. What are the possible forms of glass extensions? Most frequently glass extension is a part of room or additional room attached to the original with glass roof or walls or if possible both. Normally it has its own heating and plumbing, and in this way it differs from the conservatory which is like totally separate part of glass paneled space attached to main room.

Glass extension can take various forms. Everything depends on the amount of available space, the way we want to have it organized and what purpose should the extension serve. Hence, you can find for example simple floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the garden or the city, extension with glass roof over the kitchen, rooftop extension with both walls and roof in glass giving you a view of everything beneath, panoramic window set in the wall of the living room and many others. The designs are only limited by architects’ creativity and functionality of the rooms.

Glass extension advantages

Clearly there are many advantages of glass extensions build into or attached to houses and apartments. Just to list a few think of the view they provide. No matter the size of placement of the extension you can see the outside clearly and enjoy this view all year round. There is nothing that hinders your sight and prevents you from enjoying the city panorama, the landscape in or beyond your garden or simply the sky over you, if it’s just a roof glass extension. Another advantage is that glass extension very often serves as a relaxing zone, where you get comfortable after a long day at work in the office. Here, you can finally enjoy the nature of the comforting aura of the open space. Forget about closed boxes and overwhelming corporate offices, finally enjoy the space and nature just next to you.


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