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Granite worktops Wigan – durable and beautiful

Durable and damage-resistant granite is widely regarded as an almost indestructible raw material. Used on a large scale to produce various types of architectural elements, it always looks very impressive. The use of granite is also worth thinking about when planning kitchen arrangements. Kitchen worktops are often exposed to moisture, high temperatures and sharp objects. Granite cooktops are the perfect solution to these challenges. Aesthetic and practical granite worktops Wigan provide an ideal place for preparing meals.

Benefits of granite worktops Wigan

Granite is an elegant and durable raw material, often used for finishing elements. Window sills, stairs and floors made of it are solid, durable and do not undergo deformation. Granite kitchen worktops are valued primarily for their high resistance to impacts and scratches. After appropriate impregnation, various products can be successfully cut on them. Due to their high resistance to high temperatures, they can also withstand contact with hot dishes. Their additional advantage is their insensitivity to water – they are not threatened by gouges or unaesthetic deposits. Granite worktops Wigan are extremely easy to keep clean and look good even after many years of use.

Granite worktops for every arrangement

Granite is available in many colour variations – from beige, salmon pink and red, through grey to intense black. Thanks to a wide range of patterns, it can be easily adapted to any arrangement. In modern interiors it is worth putting on granite worktops made of polished stone. They will harmonize perfectly with mirror-finished, high-gloss fronts of cabinets. A raw material of unusual colour will also work well, for example in a distinctive red colour or a “raw” worktop resembling a sharply truncated piece of rock.

Granite worktops Wigan in a warm beige or brown shade fit well with the classic arrangement. They can be combined with cabinets finished in natural wood, e.g. oak or pine. Polished stone and gently carved fronts will bring real chic and elegance to your kitchen!

How to take care of granite worktops?

Granite worktops are protected with a special impregnation, which gives their surface smoothness and protects against excessive dirt settling. As granite has a natural antibacterial effect (usually fewer bacteria accumulate on the granite slab), hot water is enough to clean the worktops every day. During larger maintenance procedures, it is advisable to use special granite cleaners. It is not recommended to use bleach and preparations based on acid, silicone oils and petrol.

Granite worktops Wigan should be impregnated once a year. For this purpose, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned and dried, and then evenly distributed with a brush. Finally, polish the top with a dry cloth, and it’s done!

Granite – durable worktops and window sills

Granite is an excellent raw material that can be used in many places at home. It is much more durable than marble and is not affected by acids that could destroy it – for example, from citrus or vinegar. Due to its durability, it will also work well on the exterior window sills of the house. Atmospheric conditions and water will not damage the stone. Therefore, it is also often used as a raw material for bathroom worktops. It will provide not only an elegant look, but also a worktop that will serve for years without damage and damage caused by moisture. Granite worktops Wigan also allow for the installation of countertop washbasins after the installation of appropriate brackets.

Granite worktops Wigan are a perfect proposal for all those looking for proven solutions. Elegant and durable surfaces will decorate the kitchen for many years.



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