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Choice of kitchen furniture. That’s what you need to remember!

The kitchen must not only be nice, but also functional. The basis of its equipment is kitchen furniture. There are a lot of them on the market, so when the time comes to choose one set, it becomes difficult to make the final decision. Customers usually do not know what aspects to pay attention to, which may result in dissatisfaction with the purchase. We know this very well, so we decided to prepare a list of the most important information for you.

  • The standard height of the lower cabinets is 70-85 cm, while the upper cabinets are 25-100 cm. As far as the width is concerned, the most popular sizes are 10-90 cm. What is more, standing cabinets have a depth of about 50 cm, while the upper cabinets have a depth of about 30 cm.
  • Cabinet fronts can be made of different materials. The most popular materials are: wood, laminated soft-forming or post-forming chipboard, laminated chipboard, veneered chipboard, MDF board, glass, stainless steel. The listed materials differ in durability, resistance and type of finish. Wooden fronts are expensive, but durable and elegant. Those made of laminated board are cheap, but much less resistant to moisture and damage (the board can swell and the laminate unstick), while products made of veneered board are very similar to wooden fronts, but their price is much lower. As far as MDF doors are concerned, they show quite good durability, they can be freely shaped and come in a wide range of colours, and their price is quite affordable. On the other hand, steel products are light and resistant to harmful external factors. Glass, on the other hand, look very interesting, but are heavier than steel fronts and more susceptible to damage.
  • Front surfaces can be smooth, profiled, blinds or with relief.
  • Cabinet bodies are made of chipboard, wood or MDF. It is better to choose wood or MDF because they are more durable, stiffer and better withstand daily use.
  • The worktop of kitchen furniture must be made of materials resistant to heat and moisture. The surface of the worktop should be adequately protected to prevent dirt from penetrating its structure.
  • In kitchen furniture, the quality of the accessories used in them also counts. Cheap hinges, handles and guides will wear out quickly and need to be replaced.
  • Kitchen furniture is available in a variety of shades, but they are best suited for neutral and universal colours. They can be adapted to any interior design and colour scheme.

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