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Modern vintage room – past relieved

Modern vintage room – typical elements

Before even thinking of modern vintage design it’s good to understand what vintage truly is. Vintage which can be synonymous with classic or old-fashioned refers basically to the past. Past here is not a defined period of time. It’s rather relative time depending on a given group of people or generations. Vintage is therefore many pasts, it’s not one set period. Another vintage quality refers to the feeling of nostalgia. Vintage brings back things from the past that we miss and associate with positive feelings. These are the things we value, like a memories from childhood connected with old kitchen table. Finally, vintage should have a visual air of age. It should look old, and not be old.

Knowing more or less how to define vintage, let’s switch for a while to modern. Modern is what’s contemporary and now. These are all the things we know from today. The newest technologies and applications. Only now discovered possibilities of design or using new materials. To make is simple, modern basically refers to everything (from technological advancements, ideas, solutions to raw materials and machines) that is not of the past. Due to fast advancing technologies our world changes faster than ever. Changes are happening every day every minute. Hence, one thing can be modern and fashionable today but be ruled out as out of date tomorrow.

Modern vintage – is it even possible

What about modern vintage in this flexible situation and a state of permanent change? In spite of the striking contrast between these two past is closer to modern than ever. Still, it all depends on the point of reference. The easiest way to see clear examples of modern vintage are home interiors. Here, the case is rather easy. Let’s just imagine a modern vintage room taking as a point of reference the 80s. Let’s enter the room. First of all, the sitting area is chintz, a highly popular material at that time. It’s rather colorful and eye-catching. The walls are of pastels colors. In fact almost everything should have this pastel hue. It can also happen that the room is open to the kitchen. The kitchen  for the first time becomes incorporated into the room. Don’t forget to set it all contemporary design.


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