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Stone on our interior walls

Stone on interior walls

Today, stone is not used only for building purposes. Various technologies and methods of cutting and polishing enable us to find other applications of the stone. Stones are available in many various types and colours that everyone will find something what meets their needs. In general, we can dive stone applications into two main types: exterior and interior decorations. When it comes to the first one, we usually decorate our houses with so-called elevation stones which may cover not only walls of our houses, but also fences, gates and the small architecture.

Such decoration may add special character to your home, and undoubtedly will make it standing out from the other buildings. We can use stones in many different ways. Natural stones look absolutely fantastic in our kitchens, for example, as countertops, or on our floors and walls, they may be also beautifully looking windowsill, or there is nothing more stylish and elegant than a bathroom covered with white outstanding marble tiles. However, there is one more absolutely original stone application: interior walls. The interest of such decoration is still increasing.

No matter if you are setting up your newly built house, or you just want to update your interior. Stones are suitable for all rooms in your home. They can be installed in your kitchen, living room and bedroom as well. The most effective decoration is stone wall. You should choose only one wall in any room, and entirely cover it with stone tails. If you wish to leave some space, you can do it, but you should not rather make kind of “stone spots” on your walls. It will not look aesthetically. More impressive effect can be achieved if you suit to the wall proper lighting which should be installed directly above the wall to emphasize the beauty of your decoration.

One of the most popular types of lighting are LED’s. The other good idea is the installation of several  shelves on this decorative wall. It is an original way to display books, or frames. In addition, you can also install pictures or plasma television. Now, we know how to use stone to decorate our homes, but we should also answer the question: What types of stone should we use? The most commonly used are following stones: sandstone, limestone, slate, brick and coral stone. You might go for thin but in irregular length stripes, tails in square or oval shape, or if you wish, all tails can be in various, irregular shapes. Brick wall will underline the beauty of our fireplace.

Uniform stones perfectly suits to modern interiors, while irregular shapes would be better for more traditional and countryside designs. When it comes to shapes of tails, it depends on your preferences. In case you want to decorate more spaces you can combine various types of stones. Thanks to this, interior archives dynamic effect. Moreover, it is also important to match colours of stones with rest other decorative objects. You need to find a balance. If you decided on stones in warm colour, the other decorative staff in your room like carpets, curtains, lamps, shelves should be in contrasting colours.


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