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Natural stone is a very hard material whose manufacture requires the use of appropriate tools. With their help, you can trim, grind, or finish the material to give it the desired shape. The market currently offers thousands of such products, so it is certain that you will find those that will meet all your preferences. For this reason we decided to write about that stone tools which share the most popularity. We hope that our article will provide you with the necessary knowledge and facilitate the selection of products. Details can be found below.

Stone tools – basic division

  • Traditional grinders – suitable for both dry and wet materials. You can most often meet them in the forms of abrasives Bakelite, magnesite and resin. There are also felts and fibre discs. They are used for polishing granite, marble, terrazzo, concrete and sandstone. They have different diameters and shapes. The size of their grains is also different, those should be chosen depending on what we want to achieve as a final effect. They are most often attached to an angle grinder or a power tool.
  • Diamond Tools – they are high-quality stone tools, which are characterised by their incredible durability, excellent quality of work and longevity (If you are looking for stone tools visit website). This group of products include, among others, saws, cutters, pads, shafts and drills. Regarding the blade they are mainly used for cutting elements or cutting blocks of natural stone, as well as for making holes for sinks and wash basins. They are mostly used on wet surfaces. On the other hand cutters are used for grinding stone and forming at the edges. Using them can give the stone its final shape. Those, on the other hand, are adapted to work on dry and wet surfaces. On the other hand pads (Velcro) is a versatile product that is ideal for polishing and grinding hard stone surface. They become extremely useful when introducing quick fixes or modifications. Polishers, as the name suggests, were created for polishing and smoothing the surfaces. With their use, you can achieve the effect of the mirror surface. Recent products are rollers and various drills. The former assists in making grooves and curves on the surface of the material, e.g. creating various edges. While the latter enables fast and smooth preparation of the necessary holes.

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