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How much does a granite worktop cost?

Granite worktop cost

Kitchen worktops made of natural stone are becoming more and more popular. Granite is an ideal stone for kitchen worktops. Why is it worth to use them in the kitchen? How much does a granite worktop cost?

Granite worktops – the ideal alternative to wooden worktops

Granite is an extremely durable material. Tops made of this material are made with the use of two different structures: bleached and granular. The structure of the granite worktops used in the kitchen is characterised by unusual motifs and patterns, while the granular worktops are more uniform, however, they differ in the size of the grains used.

Both granite worktops in the kitchen have advantages in terms of durability. They have a reputation for being almost indestructible. They are not afraid of hot pots, dirt or mechanical damage. You can also cut fruits and vegetables on them. To remove possible scratches on granite worktops, all you need to do is polish the surface. What is more, granite is a material resistant to various cleaning agents and acids used in kitchens. There is no need to worry about matting the top, which definitely affects the comfort of cooking.

The advantages of this material include the following features:

  • they do not change their appearance over time
  • are easy to clean
  • give a unique visual effect.

Stone is available in different shades. Therefore, you can easily buy a granite worktop in black, white or any other shade matching the whole arrangement.

Granite worktops – weight

Few people realize that such a stone table top is very heavy. 1 square meter can weigh 80 kg or more. Usually, granite tops are made of 3 cm thick, because thinner ones would require additional support. Sometimes they can be thicker. Therefore, the bodies of cabinets that have to carry such a table top must be solid. If not made of wood, then at least a thick board. It is not worth buying and laying a granite worktop on old cabinets, which will have to be replaced in 2 – 3 years.

How much does a granite worktop cost?

The average price of a granite kitchen worktop is about £ 150 per 1 sq. m. The average price of a granite worktop is about 1 sq. m. So if you want to equip such a worktop with a small kitchen, you have to take into account the cost of about £ 400. In the case of a larger kitchen the cost will exceed £ 600. Less attractive granites are sometimes a little cheaper, but the original ones – much more expensive. When estimating the price of a granite worktop it may turn out that you also need to take into account the cost of specially reinforced furniture – due to its weight.


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