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How to secure the wall between cabinets?

The wall between cabinets, especially the one just behind the sink or hob, splashes very quickly and easily. The stains that will appear on it may be difficult to remove, so it is worthwhile to protect this part of the surface with a material in which the structure will not soak up dirt. Such a solution will make it easy to keep it clean. What materials should be used? We have a few proven proposals!

  • Ceramic or stone tiles – are quite popular material. They are resistant to moisture and high temperatures. They are also characterized by good durability and resistance to damage. They have slippery surfaces, so their cleaning is very efficient. Their structure is not soaked with dirt, so there is no question of permanent stains on their surface. However, it is worth impregnating them, and when laying them, use epoxy joints, which do not soak grease. They are available in a wide range of colors and differ from each other in the way of finishing, so you can easily match them to the rest of the interior design. They are available in a wide range of prices, so everyone can choose a product that remains within their financial capabilities.
  • Waterproof or board paint – washable paint is also a good solution. Resins contained in it make it resistant to moisture and tolerate repeated wet wiping. Similar is the case with board paint, where you can write with chalk. It is an interesting variety and perfectly complements modern and minimalist interiors. However, one should remember to prepare the substrate well before laying one or the other. It must be perfectly smooth, because the paint will emphasize any blemish and unevenness.
  • Wallpaper – very good and cheap idea. Wallpaper is easy to install and its sticking does not require prior equalization of walls. The best choice is thick, non-flammable and resistant to moisture and repeated washing. Ideal for vinyl or fiberglass. It comes in a variety of sizes, patterns and colours, so there are plenty of design possibilities.
  • Glass panels – manufactured in various sizes. They can be printed on any pattern or photograph. Perfectly withstand the effects of water, high temperatures and repeated wiping. The hardened ones are very resistant to mechanical damage, but too strong impact of a metal object can cause them to crack.
  • Composite – is a material that stands out among others for its excellent durability, strength and resistance to both mechanical damage and chemicals. It is warm to the touch, and any defects that appear on its surface under the influence of use can be removed. The same applies to any scratches or scratches. You can create any shape from it and make connections so that they become almost invisible.

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